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Tuesday, November 12, 2002

Crossing Over Experience
While I was living with my parents, my 19-year-old nephew one day asked me out of the blue what I think of John Edward and what he does. And while I'm always a bit skeptical of things, I do like the idea that John is really connecting with departed loved ones. I like to think it is possible. I like to think that John is a sincere guy who is really trying to help people. I've watched a few episodes, and I find the show relaxing and encouraging, but its not on my "must see" list. I do like what John says, that it is important to keep short accounts with people while they are alive so there is less guilt and unnecessary grief when they pass. I think that is great advice for the living.

This Is Too Cool
A few years back, the City of Phoenix opened City Haul, a gift shop where they sold left over city supplies, like stop signs, fire hydrants, and other municipal items. Now, you can buy things confiscated by the police departments in several states at an online shopping destination that is eBay meets COPS, You can even report your stolen items for recovery at their feature, Guess where I'll be doing some of my holiday shopping.

Speaking of Phoenix City Trash...
...Did you hear that Tuscon has purchased the old Phoenix holiday street decorations to use next year? I guess that if City Haul was still open, I could have bought one of the wreaths for my front door, eh?

Do You IM At Work?
I know people who use instant messaging (IM) instead of email to keep in touch with family and friends during the work day. But what if your job required you to use IM to communicate with staff and customers? Seems that IM in the workplace is becoming more popular as businesses try to harness the easy access it provides.

Wednesday, November 06, 2002

Cross Dressing Angst
It's always amazing to me when I see the same theme running through independently reported news items around the world. Male high school students get in trouble for wearing cheerleading uniforms to school with skirts that are too short for the school dress code. They were celebrating a school spirit day. And in Tecate, Mexico, transvestites are in danger of being arrested thanks to a new ordinance that makes cross-dressing for men illegal. Women can still wear pants. The same ordinance was NOT instituted in Tijuana, a neighboring border town, because the transvestite community threatened to out officials who have used the services of homosexual prostitutes. Interesting, eh?

Cincy Cracks Down on Johns
You have to put this in perspective. Cincinnati is the heart of Hamilton County which had banned all pornography within the county limits, forcing these merchants to the county line, and the neighboring cities. It is also the town that indicted and tried the Contemporary Arts Center and its director, Dennis Barrie, for exhibiting The Perfect Moment, an exhibit of Robert Mapplethorpe photographs, which were allegedly "obscene." The movie, Dirty Pictures, was made about this. They also have a long history of prosecuting Larry Flynt, a local purveyor of porn. Now, the up-tight geniuses in Cincy are impounding the cars that belong to the johns when they make a vice bust. Imagine explaining THAT to the little lady at home.

New Codes for Cell Phone Caused Traffic Accidents
Starting in January, state departments of transportation have a new set of codes that will identify traffic accidents where cell phones, PDAs, and pagers have contributed to the accident. This information can also be used to help states decide if they want create new legislation against the use of these items.

Only In California......would someone think that a two-part quarter is a good idea. One design idea for the California quarter would produce two halves, symbolic of the San Andreas fault that is the cause of the ubiquitous California earthquakes, and a taste of what may come when the big one hits and California falls into the ocean. It's a great program, but a two-part two bit piece? Nah.

Tuesday, November 05, 2002

Today's Theme: Election Relief

The Preferred Bar For Serial Killers in the Northwest
How strange is this? The Waterfront Tavern in Bellingham, Washington has served brewskis to more than one serial killer. How many other bars can make that claim? They include Ted Bundy, Kenneth Bianchi, who was arrested with Angelo Buono Jr. (Hillside Stranglers), James A. Kinney, and now John Muhammad, who cheered the 9/11 terrorists while imbibing.

Whaaazzzzup Kiribati?
It just goes to show that some people can't take a joke. A satirical website in New Zealand, Spinner, published an article that the US was about to invade the small Pacific Ocean country of Kiribati, and they believed it was true! The small country, made up a series of islands, used to be known as the Gilbert Islands and used to be under British rule. However, in a weird twist, it turns out that the US had a claim on Phoenix Islands and the Line Islands until 1979. The article that caused all of this problem has been removed from the site.

McDonalds Opposed in Oaxaca, Mexica Plaza
After 52 years, El Mundo Elegante, a clothing store, shut down in the central plaza of this quaint Mexican town, to make room for a McDonalds. People are upset to have American commercialism invade their traditional plaza. I would be, too.

Law & Order Reaches Cult Status
I must admit, when I started watching TV after more than 15 years of avoiding it all together, I fell in love with Law & Order. I know the schedule for it on TNT every day of the week, and I've created a chart of which stars appear in which years. Seems that I'm not the only one. I like the Criminal Intent spinoff, but don't connect with the Special Victims Unit.

Auditions for Budding Singers
I've heard people say that our national anthem is one of the hardest songs to sing. Who can forget Roseanne's butchering of it, among other famous attempts that failed miserably. I like the idea that it is played or performed before the start of sporting events, but unfortunately, this means that lots of people get lots of opportunities to enter the anthem's hall of shame. Recently, the Los Angeles Clippers decided to take advantage of the fact that so many star wannabes reside in their city, and held public auditions for anthem singers.