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Thursday, February 28, 2002

Growing Spiritual Interest on Internet
As someone who operates a spiritually inclined website, I was not surprised to see this report about the growing interest in spiritual web site. The traffic to my site has grown over the last year, and I'm glad to be out there providing this service. I think lots of people are re-evaluating their values after the events of 11 September 01, and I think that is a good response.

Workers In Trouble Over Sending Porn
It seems that in Australia, things are treated more lightly than here. I've known people fired on the spot for such things in America.

Sunday, February 24, 2002

Official photograph of the Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orbán.
Hungarian Prime Minister Criticized
I didn't even hear that the Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orbán, was in the US last week. Now, he is under attack for spending taxpayer funds to travel here. Here is the text of the speech he gave at Tufts after receiving an honorary doctorate. I can't find a mention of his visit in our newspapers!

What's Up With Russia?
They are really upset about the anti-Russian attitude at the Olympics. I didn't see any, but then, I didn't watch that much. They are protesting at the US and Canadian embassies, and threatening to not complete in Athens. According to Alex Gubbay, these are being called the Protest Games, and here is a list of the battles. I'm not a huge sports fan, but come on, bad calls are part of all sports. If the people want better judging at the Olympics, then the international sports organizations need to do a better job of policing their own, and setting higher standards.

Danish Cult Leader Arrested in US
This is an interesting story. Apparently, this guy has been on the run for a long time, and was spotted just recently in Miami. He's making news in Los Angeles, where he was arrested and has engaged the services of Robert L. Shapiro for his defense. He has also requested citizenship in two countries that do not have extradition agreements with Netherlands. Hmmmm....

40th Anniversary of Space Flights
The remaining four Gemini astronauts, John Glenn, Scott Carpenter, Wally Schirra and Gordon Cooper were at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex to celebrate this event.

Something Rotten In The State Of Denmark
I haven't found this in the US press yet. In Denmark, they have had IBM consultants working on their DeMars project, a huge government IT project for Danish military and support resources. And they didn't get security clearances on the the consultants. Now, they are worried about the impact of security breaches to Denmark and her allies.

Saturday, February 23, 2002

Erma Bombeck
Erma Bombeck
I had a pretty interesting childhood. I grew up in the same town as Erma Bombeck and Phil Donahue, and was surprised to see both of them go from local celebrities to nationally known names. My mom loved Erma, and her newspaper column was required reading in our local paper. When she started writing books, my mom seemed to have them all. She is an American icon, a journalist who set aside career to raise her family, only to use it as fodder for her wacky take on the world, a perspective that fits in the same way that Roseanne's show fits real life living. She survived breast cancer, and went through liver dialysis for year before dying shortly after a liver transplant in 1996.

She is remembered in her home town, Dayton, Ohio, in many ways. The University of Dayton holds a writing conference every year in her honor, sponsored in part by the local library, one of the finest in the country. Her quips are her trademarks, and capture stark truths in a way that you can realize them and smile at the same time. Erma was inducted into Ohio's Senior Citizen Hall of Fame in 2001, and her work to raise awareness for organ donor programs has resulted in the Arizona Kidney Foundation's Erma Bombeck Donor Awareness Program. She is missed in her new hometown, Phoenix, Arizona, where her columns were published in the local paper. Her body rests in Woodland Cemetery in Dayton, but her thoughts and words live on in her books:
Forever, Erma : Best-Loved Writing from America's Favorite Humorist
All I Know About Animal Behavior I Learned in Loehmann's Dressing Room
The Grass Is Always Greener over the Septic Tank
Aunt Erma's Cope Book
At Wit's End
Four of a Kind : A Suburban Field Guide
If Life Is a Bowl of Cherries What Am I Doing in the Pits
Just Wait Till You Have Children of Your Own
When You Look Like Your Passport Photo, It's Time to Go Home
I Lost Everything in the Post-Natal Depression
Motherhood : The Second Oldest Profession.

Wednesday, February 20, 2002

Freedom Of Speech Includes Lies
I'm furious about this news article. Intending to provide false news stories to the foreign press amounts to slapping the !st amendment rights in the face, and undermines the legitimacy of the media. Read the article if you want to know what has me so hot.
Location of the Wright Bros Cycle Shop where they built their planes, courtesy of the Dayton & Montgomery County Library
Preparing For The Wright Brothers Flight Centennial
Next year is the 100th anniversary of the first manned flight, accomplished by Wilbur and Orville Wright. I grew up nnext door to their home town, Dayton. I've seen the local museum with the replica of their airplane, the Wright Flyer, visited the Air Force Museum's exhibit about them, and graduated from the university named in their honor, Wright State University, which has a special collection of memorabilia. I've also seen the location of their cycle shop on Hawthorne Street, and the replica at the Henry Ford Museum.

Everyone is busy with preparations for the big celebration, including the FAA. People are trying to get replicas of their plane to fly. Ohio is very proud of the Wright Brothers, even though the flight itself took place on the sands of the coastal plane in North Carolina at a spot called Kill Devil Hill. Hey, in Ohio in December, the ground is usually frozen, so the beach was a great solution, not to mention a lot softer for those crash landings! Check out the Wright Brothers Aeroplane Company & Museum of Pioneer Aviation site and Surfing The Web With Kids site for more info. They have been honored by Time magazine as one of the 100 people of the century.

Tuesday, February 19, 2002

Writer's Digest Hotlist
Looking for the best places to sell your articles and become published? Check out this list, which includes some of my favorite reading: Arizona Highways, Ohio Magazine, Air & Space(Smithsonian), and Phoenix Magazine.
Wayne Gretzky, The Great One
Military Exercise Gone Aground
It seems that the UK did not intend to invade Spain over the weekend. The location isn't the only thing off in this story. The timing was also miserable, as the UK and Spain are currently in negotiations about the future of the British colony at Gibraltar, which Spain ceded to Britian under the terms of the Treaty of Utrecht. The exercise, launched from the HMS Ocean, the Royal Navy's biggest warship, involved approximately 20 Royal Marines and lasted 5 minutes.

The Great One Rants on Hockey
Wayne Gretzky is mad as hell. One of the greatest hockey players ever, he spoke out against the anti-Canada sentiment surrounding the Team Canada efforts at the Olympics. Now the managing partner of the Phoenix Coyotes, TGO is well known in my home town.

Dangers Of Spring Training
The death last week of Mike Darr, outfielder for the San Diego Padres, underscores the temptations of spring training.

Another 11 September Demonstration at the Olympics
Enough already! If you are an Olympic athlete from any country, and you want to dedicate your underwear or your equipment to a cause, any cause, then do so privately. And enough of the 11 September stunts, even if you were involved with rescue and recovery. Life goes on.

Cuba's View on Bush, Florida Mafia
It's always fascinating to see what the Cubans think of our politics. And they are no friend to Dubya, either.

Miss Cleo Stopped
After receiving over 2000 complaints, the FTC has determined that Miss Cleo and her psychic network use deceptive trade practices. And they want her to prove that she is a Jamaican-born shaman, too.

Listening To Bad Karaoke Dangerous To Your Health
Just make sure you don't indulge in any "sarcastic applause."

Monday, February 18, 2002

The cast of Harry Potter
New Blogging Articles
I have four blogs, and one gets over a hundred visitors a day. Unfortunately, its not this one, because this is my favorite one to write. The busy one now has its own weekly newsletter, also. I'm thinking about switching to Radio UserLand for all of my blogs because it seems to have more features. But I honestly don't know the full range of what is available to me here at Here are more blogging articles, one from Business 2.0 and the other from Wired.

Hairy Potter News
It seems the head lice are uninvited extras on the set of the second Harry Potter film, and causing quite a stir.

Sunday, February 17, 2002

Race Not A Factor
One of the outgrowths of the Human Genome Project research into human genetics is the discovery that race is not a significant biological factor. It seems that our differences are really only skin deep, and beneath that, we are truly the same. In fact, racial differences account for less than one percent of the genetic information inside our bodies.
Canadian pairs skaters Sale & Pelletier
The Pot Calling The Kettle Black
I almost fell of my chair laughing at this one. In the Toronto Star, there is an article about how angry the Russians are that Canadians David Pelletier and Jamie Sale were awarded gold medals after the judging controversy. This event happened while the Prime Minister, Jean Chrétien, is visiting Russia, so he is being dogged by the media about it. The Russians claim that awarding the second gold medals was a political decision, and that the Canadians are sore losers. Oh, and they happened to mention that it tarnishes the Russian domination of figure skating where they have been undefeated since 1964. Who is the sore loser?

-- Updated 18 Feb -- The words of the judge who was pressured to vote for the Russians. Translated by Google from French.

Arizona's Economy and the C's
Historically, Arizona's economy has been driving by the five C's: cotton, cattle, copper, citrus and climate. Today, things are a bit different, but these five remain dominant in the economy, along with three other C's: computers, communications and the consumer. An interesting overview.

No More Olypmics on US Soil?
It seems that some are offended by the largely American spectators with their enthusiastic shouting about having the home court advantage. In a country where professional athletes are worshipped, no one should be surprised at this. I agree that the World Trade Center flag did NOT belong at the Olympics.

Friday, February 15, 2002

Cactus League, Padres Tragedy
Near the San Diego Padres spring training stadium in Peoria this morning, outfielder Mike Darr was killed in a car crash. Another unidentified man was also killed. Minor league pitcher, Ben Howard, the only person in the car wearing a seat belt, was treated at the scene and released.

Fife Marching To A New Drum
The scandal-ridder former governor of Arizona, Fife Symington, is exploring new options after receiving a presidental pardon for his federal fraud charges, facing prostate cancer, and ongoing skin cancer bouts.

Thursday, February 14, 2002

Anita Roddick
Anita and her husband are no longer running The Body Shop, the company they started about 25 years ago. She's been a hero of mine, a woman with opinions, taking risks to run a business with integrity and helping others along the way. In researching her departure, I found her personal site, more of a blog than anything else. Wonderful stuff. I wish her well in her next adventure.

Wednesday, February 13, 2002

Theoretical No More
Brian Greene has set a goal -- to prove the superstring theory which is one of the favorite theories of brilliant theoretical physicists. Greene, somewhat of a scientific celebrity with an appearance on Late Night With Conan O'Brien, a small part in the movie, Frequency, and a best selling book, The Elegant Universe, is out to change the world, even if other string theorists, like my personal favorite, Michio Kaku, don't agree with him.
Donny & Marie
America's Theocracy
Coming from a small town with a huge Mormon enclave, and moving to a city founded by Mormons and with a suburb with a Mormon Temple, I've been quite aware of this group all of my adult life. I've never been interested in joining, but when my nephew joined last year, the family took it worse than if he had been sent to prison. They offer a safe world where people take care of each other, and that fact alone will drawn in converts by the truckload. In my opinion, their theology is a strange blend of Christianity, Native America spirituality, and some very New Age alien/UFO stuff (like the Mormon planet, Kolob). I remember when Donny & Marie Osmond were popular, and they were criticized because the Mormons discriminate against blacks, and suddenly, the church changed its position, saying that now blacks can become priests. But what I was told, "priest" is the term for full male membership, something denied to all women as well. I've read the Book of Mormon, but none of the anti-Mormon publications.

Scottish Foxes Are Free
Mounted hunting with hounds has been banned in Scotland, and the controversy continues.

Smoking Ban in Childcare Facilities?
In the UK, there is interest in making it illegal to smoke while taking care of children, while care providers can still legally use corporal punishment with the parent's consent.
Honey Dust & feather applicator
Love Potion #9
Researchers have successfully recreated the love potion used by Puck in Shakespeare's wonderful play, Midsummer Night's Dream, but don't plan to market it. And on the day before Valentine's, its appropriate to consider the ancient wisdom of aphrodisiac foods... there is still time to raid the local market for the foods of love before dinner tomorrow night. Or, perhaps pick up some products from Kama Sutra -- honey dust, anyone?

Tuesday, February 12, 2002

American Free Speech and Foreign Sovereignty
A thoughtful and thought provoking article about the ongoing lawsuits surronding Yahoo, the auction of Nazi items, and the French laws. Can France legally require content providers in other countries to prevent illegal viewing of objectional content by people in France? Who is responsible for the viewing, the viewer or the content provider? And since American freedom of speech is not shared around the world, will the free-for-all in content we enjoy be available to the world? It's an interesting age to be alive.

Monday, February 11, 2002

The End Of Phone Tag
Thanks to technology, phone tag may become a thing of the past. But I'm not sure I want everyone to know my availability... so maybe I'll find ways to cloak myself, just like I did with IM.
skip the flowers and chocolate this year
Inexpensive And Meaningful
I've always thought that Valentines Day is a dopey holiday, created only as an excuse to sell greeting cards. But Cheryl Richardson has a great idea for sharing your love and appreciation for your partner that works at any time of the year, and costs very little. Check it out. And while you are there, look at her Life Makeover newsletter. It's one my favorite pieces of email each week.

New Digital Camera Better Than Film?
That's the claim. Not only that, but it could allow one camera to take video and still pictures. Let's see what happens. My opinion, it is only a matter of time until someone does create a camera better than film. It's all in the sensors, and these are made by Foveon.

Good Luck Charm From Chimney Sweeps
An interesting career article about a chimney sweep in Moscow.

Fabulous Charlotte Interview
If you want to know more about Kristin Davis, Charlotte on "Sex and the City" then this is the interview for you!

Pashto As A Second Language
Now our military is preparing soldiers to speak and listen to other languages. About time. I wonder when modern languages will be reviatlized in our colleges and universities? Research shows that second languages can be taught very early in life.
Britney  - live action, microphone off
Margaret Thatcher's Letter To America
With all of the negative press the USA is getting these days, it was a breath of fresh air to read this article. I have my own opinions about what is going on with America, and I see a country struggling to redefine itself. With the new self image, I trust will come different policies and focused actions, new agendas for existing leaders and new people rising to power to do things that can contribute to the wellness of the people everywhere. I'm a dreamer, I know, but it is a lovely dream, and a world that I would chose to live in.

Britney's Brain Power
I ignore her for the most part, but I couldn't pass this one up. Britney Spears is going to speak at MIT, an organization that I respect, full of people with brains. I wonder how she got the invitation? She will look good, whatever comes out of her lip-synching mouth.

Sunday, February 10, 2002

Big and Carrie in 'i heart ny'
i heart ny
This was the finest episode yet of "Sex and the City." Big leaves town, but leaves Carrie a record of Henry Mancini playing Moon River and a ticket to Napa Valley. Miranda has her baby and changes the name to Brady. Charlotte sees Trey and Bunnie while working at the Museum of Modern Art, accepts a date from a person on the tour, and then asks him to leave when he freaks out about the size of her apartment. Samantha suspects that Richard is cheating on her, and follows him at lunch, proving that she was right. It is a good season finale. But Carrie's situation has me feeling a bit raw, that sense of starting over. To be honest, I sobbed through the show.

-- Updated 11 February. Here is an interesting piece about the show, and the odds of various outcomes.

Setting Your Circadian Clock
One of the previously unknown functions of the eye involves setting your circadian clock, the mechanism responsible for jet lag and sleeping during the night. Now that we know this, science can figure out how to fix these things.
Links & Copyrights
The slippery slope of the Internet and fair use has just given us a small foothold. Now it seems that other can provide a thumbnail of a copyrighted photograph without violating the fair use provisions. Good news, indeed.

Olympic Hopefuls
In each country, you can find news about their Olympic team and its hopes for gold medals at the 2002 Olympic Games in Salt Lake City, Utah. Check out the following: Australia, Austria, Canada, China, Hungary, Russia, and the United Kingdom.

Arizona Turns 90
It's hard to believe that Arizona has only been a state for 90 years. The Arizona Republic has a wonderful special section covering this milestone. (Heck, I've got grandparents older than AZ!)

Friday, February 08, 2002

Gitmo photograph from Middle Eastern Times
Guantanamo Troubles
I've been looking for confirmation of a terrorist threat against the camp at Guantanamo, but haven't found it in the mainstream press. In Melbourne, Australia, they have some interesting info about activities on the base that would support this information, but not confirm it. And as if that isn't enough, it seems that some of the detainees have brought malaria with them. And of course, mind games are the daily fare.

Chinese New Year Preparations
It's that time of year again, Chinese New Year. We are entering the Year of the Horse, which is supposed to be a good year economically. However, many people are rushing to get married before it starts because they think it will be a tough year for newlyweds because it is a short year and missing the start of spring. Curious about which year you were born in?

Against Valentines Day
It seems that the celebration of Valentines Day in India is causing some problems.

IKEA Expanding in Russia
It's a big world. Someone's got to furnish it. I get a thrill knowing that the same shelves and furniture and accessories I love are also being loved in Russia. IKEA is the best.

Muhammad Ali Is Irish
An interesting fact based on some genealogical research shows that Ali has Irish ancestors from the town of Ennis.

The Price of Lost Freedom
An interesting observation about the difficulties of marrying someone without Egyptian citizenship while living in Egypt. And I thought the US Immigration & Naturalization process was tough... I had no idea.

Triumph For Biomedical Engineering
My college graduation was the scene of the first paraplegic walking with the assistance of computer. You might remember Nan Davis, who had last walked the day of her high school graduation, walked to receive her college diploma thanks to the pioneering work of Dr. Jerold Petrofsky, who was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Medicine for this work. They even made a movie about this event, starring Judd Hirsh, but filmed it in Chicago instead of the real location, Wright State University in Ohio. Now, in Arizona, two men are walking thanks to that groundbreaking work, and its continuation at the Arizona Biomedical Institute.

Thursday, February 07, 2002

Wil as Wesley Crusher
What Exactly Is A Blog?
...And why do people keep them? It seems that blogs are all the rage right now in the press, even though they have been around forever it seems. Even Time has an article about them. This is just one of my blogs... I currently have four of them, plus a website. Even Wil Wheaton has a blog, an award winning blog at that!

Royalty In The New Millenium
The occassion of Queen Elizabeth's 50th anniversary on the throne is bringing up lots of stories about her life, including this account of her situation when she became Queen. It's an amazing thing to realize, that even though this former British colony I call home broke away to escape the monarchy, it continues to this day. In Denmark, Prince Henrik has been "downgraded" in the royal family. Even Prince Charles' true love, Camilla Parker Bowles, may soon be welcomed as the wife of Prince Charles. Spain's Prince Filipe broke off his relationship with girlfriend. It's tough to be blue-blooded in the 21st century.

Good News For The Internet
In 1995, soon after I put up my first web site, I got a very nasty email from a site that I had linked to. They told me to remove the link or face legal action. The reason? Because the site was run by Native Americans and I'm not Native. I removed the link, partly because I didn't know where the law would side, and I decided these were not people to share with my audience, anyway. Now, Ford has taken someone to court for providing a link to their site, and they lost. Well, actually more was at stake than that, but you get the idea.

True Intentions Come To Light
Sometimes it takes a while, but lies are eventually exposed. The world was a strange place as scientists were struggling to make the atomic bomb, or struggling with the military applications of science, like Einstein. Now, we learn that Werner Heisenberg was working on the bomb for the Nazis, and was not a patsy of their plans as he had claimed, thanks to an unsent letter from Nobel laureat Niels Bohr's family.

Looking For Some Perspective?
Try this site. It only takes a few minutes to view, but will ease your mind and maybe even lower your blood pressure. Don't forget to take some deep breaths.

Arizona's Second Mormon Temple
Located in Snowflake, a tiny hamlet of a town that was formerly famous only for the Travis Walton alien abduction covered by the movie "Fire In The Sky." In a side note, do you remember who played Travis's best friend in the movie? None other than John Doggett, or should I say, Robert Patrick. So why was he so skeptical of the supernatural in the X-Files? LOL

Wednesday, February 06, 2002

Remember Me?
Hunting The Haunting
I would imagine it was a great opportunity -- getting to teach English in Afghanistan years ago, and knowing some of your students are children of a billionaire. What a surprising twist this story takes.

Is Patriotism The Real Religion of America?
Interesting idea from Norman Mailer, an ex-pat living in the UK.

IM Gets To Work
I used to use IM. I used to set it so no one knew when I was online, but I could see when all of my friends were. That's because I kept getting interruped during work. I do work online from my computer for a living, after all. I found IM to be more intrusive than email, and even more than a phone call (because of caller ID). So now I read where IM is looking like the next "killer app" for business, and I'm wondering if I can postpone reinstalling an IM on my computer as long as I've postponed purchasing a PDA.

PayPal IPO
After the dot com bust, here comes a scrappy dot com for its IPO. I use PayPal all of the time, I even get paid by one of my clients through it. I hope it does well. But not everyone is a fan, and it seems that some of their anti-fraud practices can cause trouble for legitimate businesses. But no doubt, they are a pioneer in online transactions.

Tests For Male Virginity
This article from South Africa includes test items. What more can I say?

Oops, You Viewed Her Again
And this time, TiVo was watching you. It seems that Britney was the more frequent target of instant replays during the Super Bowl. And you doubted that sex sells...
The new Greta
She's Got Bette Davis Eyes
I just watched The Daily Show where Jon interviewed Greta Van Susteren and most of the talk was about her plastic surgery. I remember when she first started on CNN, she was a little rough around the edges. I saw her a few months back on the air, and noticed that she had primped up nicely. She does look good, I just can't figure out why this is such big news. Her new show is on Fox. Is she a Scientologist? Here's a good pre-surgery picture of her.

Sunday, February 03, 2002

The End Of The World As We Know It
Fascinating to see the international interest in the Enron bankruptcy, and the very negative press that America, capitalism, Wall Street and our government are receiving. Those who hate us will always find a way to prove their point is correct. But that aside, this scandal does reach to the greedy heart of capitalism, a wonderful system that really allows individuals to reach their potential, but also depends on the character of the people involved. There have been other scandals, there will be more. But in general, the system works. This event is prompting changes, and hopefully they will provide some additional protection. And hopefully, these changes will reach into the corporate culture of all companies. Here is what they are saying to former employees, and a timeline of the collapse..

Not So "Sex And The City?"
I haven't read Kim Cattrall"s new sex book, but I had seen where it was getting good reviews. But here is the opinion of one Aussie who would rather not know the details of Ms. Cattrall's sex life, and makes some interesting points along the way. As it turns out, Kim's life hasn't been anything like Samantha's life.

Engineering The Ultimate Athlete
If you look at the salaries paid to professional athletes, and look at the number of former Olympians who suddenly become millionaires from their endoresments, it's no wonder that companies are investing in improving athletic equipment technologies. It reminds me of the classic conflict from Chariots of Fire, which is better -- micromanagement of performance or love of the process? I hope love wins.
Willie courtesy of
No Groundhog Concensus
It seems that the many groundhogs that predict the coming of spring have different opinions. Find out what Wiarton Willie, Subenacadie Sam, Two Rivers Tunnels, and Punxsutawney Phil have all cast their votes, along with a score of other groundhogs throughout the US and Canada. But did you know WHY the groundhog emerges this time of the year? It seems that love is in the air before Valentines Day for these critters.

Two Sides To Every Story
Even the Chinese have their version of the story about the exile of the 14th Dalai Lama. An interesting article, and the positions expressed are not surprising.

The Olympic Underbelly
I'm not surprised to see this article, but it is still shocking!

Saturday, February 02, 2002

Michael Moore Checks In
Curious to find out what those "in the know" think about Enron and the Dubya connection? Michael Moore has posted his open letter to George W. and it seems that the connections are strong. I'm not an expert, and I don't have any inside information, but I'm not offended to learn these things from Moore. I think Bush, like so many other businessmen, likes to do business with people they like and trust, and it doesn't mean that there is anything wrong about their relationship.

Friday, February 01, 2002

Information System To Enhance Air Travel Security
It's an interesting concept. Using data mining and other technologies, this new software will create a security risk profile score for every ticket holder on every flight using things like current home address, previous addresses, credit card numbers and the like. It's certainly better than racial profiling, but I see lots of potential errors, like family members traveling together getting high profile scores.

Baronness Thatcher
No Room In The Lobby For Baronness Thatcher?
A marble statue in the image of Margaret Thatcher has been made. Everything else is up for debate. It seems that the statue was designed to be placed in the House of Commons, but it can't go there until 5 years after she dies. And at 76, she is still going strong! A solution has been proposed by Lake Havasu City, Arizona, home of the old London Bridge(yes, the bridge from the children's song that was falling down), who want to display the statue until it can come home. Will the Baronness find a home in London or not?

Mother's Little Helper Is Gone From UK
First introduced in the 1960, Valium was supposed to be a cure-all drug, and made its manufacturer, Roche, a big pile of money. But no one warned patients about its addictive qualities. It's been part of the pharmacy for people from Robert Downey, Jr. to Dana Plato, and was one of the stars of Valley of the Dolls. Today, women are more likely to be given a prescription for drugs like Prozac, Zoloft or Paxil.

Legal Motivations?
Morris and Foerster, the law firm whose partner is defending the American Taliban, John Walker Lindh, wants their name to be kept out of the proceedings. I don't know this company personally, I can only imagine that they have defended all sorts of scumbags who could pay for legal defense, but they are drawing the line here. The whole concept of defense is that everyone is innocent until proven guilty, right? Murderers, rapists, and child pornographers get defense attorneys. Do they think John doesn't deserve legal representation?

RaiseTheFist Gets The Ax
In our post-September 11th world, does the First Amendment include the right to publish information about how to build bombs, or codes for hacking into the U.S. Army websites? Not according to the USA Patriot Act.

Women's Issues
An interesting opinion about how we in west view the role of women in the Muslim world, and the realities of that world. And a scandal in the United Arab Emirate, where women have been secretly videotaped while at the beauty salon.
-- Updated 2 February: An interesting opinion that offers the idea that many of the Muslim women choose veils and coverings as part of their own extremist and pursh this on other women.
Gum Arabic Company Ltd logo
Plop Plop Fizz No More?
Did you know that gum Arabic, the ingredient that puts the bubbles in your Coke, is produced in the Sudan by the Gum Arabic Company, Ltd.? Or that there was some information linking Osama bin Laden with this product? Read some interesting facts and opinions from the Index on Censorship. Check out some of the urban legends that have arisen over this question, and some of the information that has been distributed on the Internet, including a statement from the National Soft Drink Assocation.
Gender Benders
This is one of the strangest concepts I've heard. A lesbian couple used a sperm donor to have three kids. The couple split up, and the parent with custody didn't ask for child support from her ex, but the sperm donor! And in a Swedish court, he was forced to pay it. And in America, a nasty divorce and custody battle involved a father who used to be woman... and the results are quite interesting. This article references the Vecchione case from California, which had quite different results. The mishmash of differring states rights, along with changing social opinions, is pointing out the inadequacies of our legal system.

Go State!
A Really Big Cross
Does America need a 25-story crucifix? Tom Monaghan thinks so. And the founder of Domino's Pizza has has the funds to build it. All he needs now is the approval of the local planning commission. If he has his way, the skyline of Ann Arbor, MI will have a new feature soon.

Michigan State Men's Basketball
Looking for information about the best men's roundball program in the country? Try the official MSU athletic department site (sign up for their newsletter), the State News (student newspaper) sports section, Spartan Fans Network, MSU Today sports section, Michigan Live, Detroit Free Press, Detroit News,
Green & White from the Lansing State Journal, USA Today team page, Big Ten's MSU page, Jack Breslin Student Center site, Spartan Magazine, Bitter Rivals (a site dedicated to the MSU vs. UM rivalry), CBS SportsLine, Team Rankings, CNN/SI, ESPN, and the Sporting News. And here is the story behind their fight song, and a chance to listen to it (requires Windows Media Player).

Good News From Silicon Valley
This article is a breath of fresh air! And I believe the author is correct about how the dot com boom is eventually going to provide longlasting growth in the technology sector, just as soon as it rebounds. The seeds are being planted now.